阿爾瓦(Walter Alva)表示,這座寺廟位於一個較大的廢墟裡面。寺廟內有一座通往拜火祭壇的階梯,而科學家稱這種祭壇為范塔倫(Ventarron)。這座寺廟坐落於蘭巴耶克山谷(Lambayeque valley),很靠近考古學家阿爾瓦在1980年代所發掘的西潘王墓群遺址,而建立的年代比西潘王墓群更古老,大約是西元前二千年。

(the Museum Tumbas Reales of Sipan)館長的阿爾瓦說:「現在我們來談談這座古老寺廟在建築與藝術上的獨特之處。按照我們的估算,這裡面所保存的壁畫,是目前美洲地區歷史最悠久的。實驗室剛剛給了我們數據,大約是距今四千年前所創作的。」【shows 8

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(Machu Picchu)。印加人曾在這裡統治長達數世紀之久,建立起一個北起哥倫比亞、厄瓜多爾,南迄秘魯、智利的大帝國,一直到16世紀西班牙人來到這裡為止。

※ 正式新聞稿與影像:「新唐人電視台」、「新唐人亞太電視台

※ The original article was taken from Reuters Website.  ( 原文取自路透社網站 )


INTRO: Temple built 4,000 years ago unearthed in Peru.  Peruvian archaeologists announce the discovery of a 4,000 year old temple which could house the oldest murals in the Americas.

STORY: A 4,000-year-old temple filled with murals has been unearthed on the northern coast of Peru, making it one of the oldest finds in the Americas, a leading archaeologist said on Saturday (November 10). 

The temple, inside a larger ruin, includes a staircase that leads up to an altar used for fire worship at a site scientists have called Ventarron, said Peruvian archaeologist Walter Alva, who led the dig.  It sits in the Lambayeque valley, near the ancient Sipan complex that Alva unearthed in the 1980s. Ventarron was built long before Sipan, about 2,000 years before Christ, he said. 

"We are talking about an original temple with a architectural quality and a uniqueness in its expressions of art. We can estimate that this is the oldest mural in the Americas. The laboratory just gave us the dates - it was approximate 4000 years before the present, making it 2000 years before Christ," Alva, director of the Museum Tumbas Reales (Royal Tombs) of Sipan, he said.
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He added that the team was surprised by the construction methods, the architectural design and in particular, the existence of murals. "What does this symbolize? We still have not found an explanation but maybe we are in front of the remains of anscestral rituals of hunting. This gives us the impression of a cave painting brought from the origins of civilization," he said.
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Lambayeque is 472 miles (760 km) from Lima, Peru's capital.  Discoveries at Sipan, an administrative and religious center of the Moche culture, have included a gold-filled tomb built 1,700 years ago for a pre-Incan king.

Peru is rich in archaeological treasures, including the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in the Andes. Until the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500s, the Incas ruled an empire for several centuries that stretched from Colombia and Ecuador in the north to what are now Peru and Chile in the south.



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