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 為了向香奈兒女士致意,設計師卡爾‧拉格菲爾格(Karl Lagerfeld)以寫實而富戲劇化的手法,從法國歌劇當中找來了一隻特大號的獅子,而這頭獅子的腳掌則踩在等大的巨型珍珠上。在巨型搭景的陪襯下,昂首闊步走在環形伸展台上的模特兒們,看起來就像是盛裝打扮的洋娃娃一樣。

出席這場香奈兒新裝盛會的,除了來自全球的時尚編輯外,還包括一些大牌女星,像是傑西卡艾芭(Jessica Alba)、蜜拉‧喬娃薇琪(Milla Jovovich),以及參與演出影集《花邊教主(Gossip Girl)》的諸位女明星。






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Chanel roared with unadulterated glamour on July 6 with an haute couture collection inspired by 18th century French tapestry and porcelain. 


Designer Karl Lagerfeld, in true theatrical style, commissioned an oversized lion from the French opera, with its paw resting on an equally giant pearl, in an homage to the legacy of the house and Coco Chanel herself. In contrast to the mega structure, models looked like miniature dolls in rich fabrics while strutting around the circular runway. 


An A-list clientele, which included actresses Jessica Alba, the stars of "Gossip Girl" and Milla Jovovich sat in the front row alongside global fashion editors. 


The final look of the evening was in true traditional style, a wedding dress, but a dress suit with gold leaves and pearls sewn on. The model walked down the runway with a male model wearing a lion's head in what looked like a reference to Beauty and the Beast.


Afterwards, Lagerfeld said he was inspired by the history of his adopted country, incorporating thousands of hours of handcrafted work to deliver perfection. "You know, the inspiration is in French tapestry and French porcelain, 18th century porcelain but in a modern shape on a modern body." 


Lagerfeld, who is roughly 75 years old and shows no sign of retiring, has turned Chanel into the power house of French haute couture. 

And while other designers seem to be moving away from haute couture -- a rarefied world in which one dress can cost upwards of 100,000 U.S. dollars -- Chanel touts its legions of seamstresses who have the skills to create lace, brocade and embroidery by hand. 


Buyers and admirers seemed to hone in on long flowing wool coats, shown at the beginning of the show, rather than the gilded dresses that were presented at the end.  



 The original article was taken from Reuters Website.







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