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曾讓時裝品牌Gucci起死回生,並推出個人品牌的時尚設計名家湯姆福特(Tom Ford),晉身導演,推出電影《單身男子(A Single Man)》。本片劇情改編自克里斯多福爾艾瑟伍德(Christopher Isherwood)的同名小說,劇中柯林弗斯(Colin Firth)飾演一位中年教授,因為失去年輕的戀人而沉浸在哀傷之中。在威尼斯電影節上,電影《單身男子(A Single Man)》備受好評,而主演的柯林弗斯則榮獲最佳男主角一獎。


今年23歲的尼科拉斯霍特(Nicholas Hoult),在片中飾演肯尼一角。霍特說:「柯林所飾演的中年教授一直活在過去,他痛失愛人並為此所苦。而肯尼就像守護天使一樣,他察覺到教授的異樣,並且協助他走了出來。湯姆福特給了我一本書叫作《當下的力量(The Power of Now)》,這讓我了解到活在當下而非過去、不憂慮未來,就在此時此刻享受自己的人生。而柯林所飾演的角色跟我所飾演的角色,這兩個角色之間最棒的,就是彼此心智上的互動與聯繫。」

早在11歲時,霍特就參與過電影《非關男孩(About A Boy)》的演出,與休葛蘭(Hugh Grant)有精彩的對手戲。而目前,霍特則是在英國青少年頻道影集《Skins》裡頭擔綱一角。

繼威尼斯電影節之後,電影《單身男子(A Single Man)》也在多倫多電影節中亮相。



 ※ 正式定稿與影像:「 新唐人電視台 ─ 娛樂新幹線 」



 ※ The original article was taken from Reuters Website.  ( 原文取自路透社網站 )


INTRO: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and stars of "A Single Man" applaud work of first time filmmaker Tom Ford.

STORY:  The man credited with turning around Gucci before launching his own design line has traded fashion for film with his debut feature "A Single Man", starring Colin Firth as a middle aged gay professor mourning the loss of his younger lover. Ford based the movie, which has its world premiere at the Venice film festival on Friday (September 11), on a novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood. The early signs are good for Ford, with several critics in Venice praising the movie and tipping Firth to win the best actor prize at an awards ceremony on Saturday September 11).

Living in the past, and unable to contemplate a future, his despair lifts when he befriends a student who reminds him of the beauty around him and the value of living in the present.

The role is played by 23-year-old Nicholas Hoult, who made his cinematic debut as the 11-year-old child in "About A Boy" starring opposite Hugh Grant and currently stars in the British teenage television series "Skins".

"Colin's character is living in the past, he's lost his lover and he can't really get over that. Kenny (played by Hoult) is this kind of guardian angel that senses something isn't right with him. He kind of makes him see... Tom gave me the book 'The Power of Now' when we got out there with the understanding of living in the present and not the past or worry about the future, just being in the moment and enjoying yourself. It gives you an understanding of that which is great because they (Colin Firth's character George and Hoult's character) have an intellectual connection."

Ford switches from sepia tones to bright colours to reflect George's changing moods, and glorifies the male body with slow motion shots of men swimming naked and playing tennis without shirts in the burning sun.

The movie now moves onto the Toronto Film Festival where it will show on Monday (September 14).





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