〝少年魔法師 (Wizards of Waverly Place)〞,裡頭擁有魔力的兄姐弟三人,即將躍上大螢幕施展魔法魅力。

這回電影裡,盧梭一家人一塊到加勒比海度假,由西蕾娜.葛瑪茲(Selena Gomez)所飾演排行老二的艾利克絲 (Alex),施展禁書魔咒(Forbidden Book of Spells),將父母親相遇的那天消除掉。因此,艾利克絲必須和兄弟賈斯汀以及麥克思合作,趕在最後一刻之前倒轉魔咒,挽救一切。

飾演賈斯汀的大衛.亨瑞(David Henrie)說:「電影所呈現的內容更加的戲劇化。很多在電視裡頭沒有提到的內部緊張關係,都在電影中呈現出來。所以說起來,電影與電視有一點點的不同,它把劇中人物更深層的描寫出來,這樣很好。」

自從2007年十月〝少年魔法師〞在電視開播以來,劇中參與演出的青少年演員們迅速躍昇為影視界名流。儘管螢光幕前,三人就像典型的兄弟姊妹般鬧的不可開交,不過私底下卻都是好朋友。不過飾演麥克思的傑克.T.奧斯汀(Jake T. Austin)也承認,自己跟亨瑞很愛開對方玩笑。

此外,今年十七歲、獲得2009年全美兒童票選獎(Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award)最受歡迎電視女演員獎項的西蕾娜.葛瑪茲,與好萊塢唱片簽約,即將展開她的演唱事業,並且預計在明年發行個人首張專輯。在這張專輯裡頭,收錄了一首由葛瑪茲為自己量身訂做的歌曲,葛瑪茲說:「我覺的現今不少女孩很容易為別人改變自己,也許是為了父母、朋友或喜歡的人而想變的完美一點。基本上這首歌所傳達的訊息是,你不必為自己的不完美道歉,應該對自己有信心。所以這是一首能帶給人力量的歌曲,我很享受創作它的過程。」



 ※ 正式定稿與影像:「 新唐人電視台 ─ 娛樂新幹線 」


 ※ The original article was taken from Reuters Website.  ( 原文取自路透社網站 )




INTRO: The tween stars from Disney's 'Wizards of Waverly Place' talk about the show's move to the big screen. The tween stars from Disney's 'Wizards of Waverly Place' talk about the show's move to the big screen.

STORY: The cast of Disney's ' Wizards of Waverly Place ' are back, and ready to cast their magic on the big screen. Based on the hit adventure comedy series, 'Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie', is set to premiere on the Disney Channel on August 28.

The feel-good movie about three siblings with magical abilities, follows the story of the Russo Family as they embark on vacation to the Caribbean. Their holiday, however, is anything but relaxing, when middle child Alex, played by Selena Gomez, uses the Forbidden Book of Spells to erase the day her parents met.  Alex and her two brothers, Justin (played by David Henrie) and Max (played by Jake T. Austin ) consequently face a race against time to reverse the spell before it's too late.

"It's definitely more dramatic. A lot of the inner tensions that aren't spoken on the show are brought to life in this movie, so it's told slightly different. It adds more layers to our characters, so it's good," Henrie says.

It's been a rapid rise to stardom for the tween actors - the series 'Wizards of Waverly Place' only made its television debut in October 2007.  The 17-year-old, who won the 2009 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Favorite Television Actress, says she still coming to terms with the show's recent Emmy nomination.

Despite the typical sibling rivalry on camera, behind the scenes, the teen stars say they're all good friends.  Although Austin admits he and Henrie like to play the odd prank on one another.

For Gomez the film caps off a busy 12 months.  Signed to Hollywood Records, the actress is also working on her singing career and is due to release her solo debut album next year.  One of the songs, she wrote herself.





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