德尼羅(Robert DeNiro)、米歇爾菲佛(Michelle Pfeiffer)、克萊兒丹妮絲(Claire Danes)、西耶娜米勒(Sienna Miller)、查理考克斯(Charlie Cox)、瑞奇熱爾維(Ricky Gervais)與彼得奧圖爾(Peter O'Toole)等眾多知名藝人所主演的奇幻史詩電影「星塵奇緣(Stardust)」,改編自英國作家尼爾蓋曼(Neil Gaiman)的同名小說,故事情節描述一位居住在鄉下小鎮的年輕男子,像他的愛人許諾前往鄰近的魔幻國度冒險,並取回殞落的星塵。

(Matthew Vaughn)在接受訪問時表示:「我認為當你有了自己的小孩以後,就會開始意識到生活應該有更多的可能性,而不單單只是圍繞在不良份子和其他話鋒犀利的議題上,所以我想製作適合全家人一起觀賞的電影。在我帶孩子看了不少糟糕的電影之後,我對於好萊塢的電影感到相當失望,因此我打算做出屬於自己風格的家庭電影,讓每位觀眾從中獲得樂趣。』【shows 5

(Yvain),擁有永生的神奇力量。而米歇爾菲佛則飾演一位名叫拉蜜兒(Lamia)的兇惡老巫婆,竭盡所能的追尋星塵的蹤跡,好回復昔日的美貌。為了讓好萊塢大美人米歇爾菲佛的外貌,符合電影腳色的需求,菲佛必須忍受長達數小時之久的化妝。菲佛表示:「剛開始要花點時間去適應。我覺的最令人感到可怕的,就是我一半老貌一半原貌的時候,真的讓人不寒而慄」【shows 8】。

49歲的菲佛,目前力圖重振自己的電影演藝事業,除了參與本片的演出外,在今年上半年中,也曾在電影「髮膠 (Hairspray)」中亮相。

shows 10

魯伯特·艾弗雷特(Rupert Everett)、克斯特·弗萊徹(Dexter Fletcher)、馬克·斯特朗(Mark Strong) 、瑞奇熱爾維、查理考克斯與音樂團體the Boy Band Take That的成員。而人不在英國倫敦的羅伯特德尼羅與克萊兒丹妮絲,則未能出席。


※ 正式定稿與影像:「新唐人電視台 ─ 娛樂新幹線

※ The original article was taken from Reuters Website.  ( 原文取自路透社網站 )


INTRO: British director Matthew Vaughn, Sienna Miller and Michelle Pfeiffer walk the red carpet for the European premiere of "Stardust".

STORY: Starring Robert DeNiro(
羅伯特德尼羅), Michelle Pfeiffer(米歇爾菲佛), Claire Danes(克萊兒丹妮絲), Sienna Miller(西耶娜米勒), Charlie Cox(查理考克斯), Ricky Gervais(瑞奇熱爾維), and Peter O'Toole(彼得奧圖爾), the fantasy epic is based on Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name and takes place in a countryside town bordering on a magical land where a young man makes a promise to his beloved that he will retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm.

"I think when you have children, you start realising that there is probably more to life than gangsters and doing edgy films, and I wanted to make a film that I could enjoy with my kids," Vaughn told Reuters."I have taken my kids to see so many bad movies that after a while I have been really resentful of Hollywood and I thought I was going to do my own version of a family film that every one can enjoy and not be bored.

Vaughn casts Michelle Pfeiffer as a murderous old witch, Lamia, hell-bent on regaining her former beauty by tracking down a falling star which turns out to be an ethereal woman called Yvain who has the power of eternal life, played by Claire Danes. To achieve the look of Lamia, Pfeiffer had to endure hours in the makeup chair to transform the Hollywood beauty into a dishevelled old crone. 

"Initially it took so time getting used to. I think the most disturbing phase was the stage when I was half aged and half normal, that was pretty creepy," she said. The 49-year-old actress is enjoying somewhat of a revival of her onscreen career having already appeared in the film "Hairspray" early in the year.

Co-star Sienna Miller who almost missed the London premiere, was hoping garner a few helpful beauty hints form Pfeiffer. "She looks younger than me and I am twenty five," Miller said. "She is exquisite. I haven't met her, so I am looking forwards to
meeting her. But I think she also gets more and more beautiful as she gets older. I don't know how she does it., but I am going to have some quiet words. Believe me."

Other stars to attend the premiere included British comic Ricky Gervais who plays Ferdy the Fence, an opportunistic trader, Rupert Everett, Dexter Fletcher, Mark Strong, members o the Boy Band Take That and the film's young lead British actor Charlie Cox. Claire Danes and Robert De Niro were not in London to attend the premiere.

Stardust opens nationwide in the UK on October 19. The film will be hoping to fare better in Europe after receiving mixed reviews in America.


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