INTRO: Canada hit by three tornadoes.

STORY: The cleanup began on Saturday (June 23), one day after three powerful tornadoes destroyed homes in the central Canadian province of Manitoba. Police said the town of Elie, west of Winnipeg, was particularly hard hit with several houses flattened and 15 people left homeless.

Mike Wolanski, who saw the tornado rolling in, said: "Like the funnel cloud itself didn't look that big, but if you looked up at the clouds you could see that the radius of it was just massive and that it was just spinning. It came right along the train tracks and as it came towards our house, you can see it was just destroying."

The tornado tore a swath about 300 metres wide through the community, tossing several trucks into fields and one plowed into a flour plant. Drivers pulled over on main roads, fearing for their safety. There were other reported twisters near Carman and Portage La Prairie.

The neighboring province of Saskatchewan was also hit with severe storms. One threatening cloud formation hung low over the town of Edenwold east of Regina, where thunderstorms struck on Friday with hail the size of marbles.



【配音】目擊龍捲風侵襲情況的當地居民麥可‧瓦蘭斯基(Mike Wolanski)表示:「龍捲風外觀看似漏斗狀的雲,半徑很長,而且快速旋轉。它沿著火車軌道朝我們的住家前進,然後摧毀我們的家園」。


根據報導,另外兩起龍捲風災害,則發生在馬尼托巴省的卡爾門(Carman)與波蒂奇拉普雷里(Portage La Prairie)兩地附近。而鄰近的薩斯喀徹溫省(Saskatchewan),則被強烈的暴風雨侵襲。


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【報導內容】目擊龍捲風侵襲過程的當地居民麥可 瓦蘭斯基(Mike Wolanski)表示:「龍捲風外觀看似漏斗狀的雲,半徑很長,而且快速旋轉。它沿著火車軌道朝我們的房屋掃過來,就這樣摧毀了我們的家」。 


據報導,另外兩起龍捲風災害發生在馬尼托巴省的卡爾門(Carman)與波蒂奇拉普雷里(Portage La Prairie)兩地附近。而鄰近的薩斯喀徹溫省(Saskatchewan),則遭到強烈的暴風雨侵襲。

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