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這項提案是由全球最大唱片公司環球音樂(Universal Music)所發起,最後成為整個唱片界通力合作,專輯名稱定為「Songs for Japan」。除了發行實體唱片外,也可從iTune下載,曲目內容囊括了約翰藍儂的《Imagine》、U2的《Walk On》、巴布狄倫的《Shelter From the Storm》、女神卡卡的《Born This Way》,以及布魯斯史普林斯汀的《Human Touch》。





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The world's largest music labels collaborate to raise funds for Japan

The world's four leading record labels have put 38 hit songs on an album to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross Society following the recent earthquake and tsunami.

What started off as an initiative by Universal Music, the world's biggest record company, has turned into an industry-wide collaboration titled, "Songs for Japan." Featured on the album, available on iTunes, are artists including John Lennon ("Imagine"), U2 ("Walk On"), Bob Dylan ("Shelter From the Storm"), Lady Gaga ("Born This Way") and Bruce Springsteen ("Human Touch").

Universal is servicing the digital album, while Sony Music is producing a physical version expected in stores on April 4.

Participating artists, music labels and publishers have waived royalties and proceeds from global sales, and iTunes also has said it would donate money from the album to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
The 9.0 magnitude quake on March 11 and giant waves it triggered left more than 10,000 people dead and 17,500 missing.

※ The original article was taken from Reuters Website. 



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