3D電影《阿凡達(Avatar)》橫掃中國票房195百萬美元後,由中美合作聯手打造的3D奇幻電影《人魚帝國(Empires of the Deep)》,結合了電影《阿凡達》的視覺攝影執導安東尼阿倫特(Anthony Arendt),以及最新的龐德女郎歐嘉柯瑞蘭蔻(Olga Kurylenko),並且借助中國低製作成本與後製快速的優勢,可能再掀另一波3D電影熱潮。

電影《人魚帝國(Empires of the Deep)》,內容描述一位年輕男子誤闖海底神秘的人魚王國,由麥克法蘭奇(Michael French)與強納森勞倫斯(Jonathan Lawrence)共同執導,演員陣容除了歐嘉柯瑞蘭蔻外,還包括飾演人魚公主的中國女星施艷飛(Shi Yanfei),以及美國男星史提夫波利茨(ˊ)(Steve Polites)。本片製作預算是中美合作電影有史以來最高昂的,高達1億美元,而這樣的合作關係對於外國明星、電影製片以及製作人來說,將對他們立足於中國市場有所助益。



電影《阿凡達》與《人魚帝國》直接採用3D手法進行拍攝,有別於電影《魔境夢遊(Alice in Wonderland)》與《超世紀封神榜(Clash of Titans)》的3D特效,是透過後製過程呈現在觀眾面前的。

擔任攝影執導的饒小兵(Xiaobing Rao),希望透過與阿倫特一起工作的機會,學習3D相關拍攝技巧,以便應用於未來更多的3D製作上。饒小兵說:「目前我們正嘗試推測出3D的空間概念,如此也代表著我們將善用正被使用中的系統,努力的測試出極限、場景與景深。透過這部電影,我們會盡可能的努力取得相關的景深數據,以及對3D製作一致性的概念。」



※ 正式定稿與影像:「 新唐人電視台 ─ 娛樂新幹線 」











China makes its own bid for a 3D box office hit with Sino-U.S. collaboration "Empires of the Deep". The filmmakers have brought in a boost with help from abroad, with "Avatar" virtual camera operator Anthony Arendt and latest Bond girl Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko. They hope China's low production cost and rapid post-production time will give them a competitive edge in the race for the next big 3D hit after Avatar, which has earned 195 million U.S. Dollars at the Chinese box office so far.


"Empires of the Deep", a fantastical tale about a young man who finds himself in the underwater kingdom Mer, is directed by Michael French and Jonathan Lawrence. Alongside Olga Kurylenko, Chinese actress Shi Yanfei is the mermaid princess Aka and American actor Steve Polites plays Atlas.  With a budget reaching 100 million USD, it is the most expensive US/China co-production in history.  There are mutual advantages in this partnership, as foreign stars, moviemakers and producers try to get a foothold in the Chinese market.


"You know, there are tons of things happening, so I thought, wow, working in China, and an offer in a Chinese film, is something, is something interesting. Because right now, you know, everything is happening here. So, I, I, right away, said yes. I just wanted to go and see", Kurylenko said.


At the same time, China's relatively cheap production costs allow foreign filmmakers creative freedom without the worry of breaking the budget, said stereography consultant Anthony Arendt. "There are a lot of Chinese movie that are going to be made by 3D. I think that Tony's idea, and his knowledge and his experience is really really valuable to all of those productions, because they will be shooting 3Ds with his help," stereography consultant Anthony Arendt said.


Unlike "Alice in Wonderland" and "Clash of Titans", which were both retro-fitted to 3D in post-production, "Avatar" and "Empires of the Deep" were shot in 3D depth perception.


Director of Photography Xiaobing Rao hoped to learn the tricks of the 3D trade by working with Arendt, in the hope of working on more 3D projects in the future.

"We are just trying to push the 3D space, so what that means is that we are going to take advantage of the system that we are using and try to get the most out of them, and the sets, and the depths, we are trying to get as much depths and a consistent feel of 3D throughout the movie", Xiaobing Rao said.


Whilst piracy is rife in China, 3D movies gives production studious a competitive advantage, with audiences willing to pay for a trip to the cinema paying 8-20 U.S. Dollars for cinema tickets in order to catch the 3D experience.




 The original article was taken from Reuters Website.








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