紐約出生、今年二十五歲才華洋溢的鋼琴詞曲創作人彼得辛可提 (Peter Cincotti),推出他個人第三張音樂專輯〝琴歸洛城 (East of Angel Town)〞。這張專輯融合了流行樂、搖滾、藍調、放克與爵士等音樂元素,不僅充滿活力,並且搭配上扣人心弦的歌詞。




而在三月下旬時,辛可提即將與經驗老道的音樂人席爾 (Seal) 攜手合作,展開全美巡迴演出。在談到與席爾的合作時,辛可提說:「我感到很高興,我自己也是席爾的樂迷。席爾的音樂風格多變,他是少數幾個能夠橫跨不同音樂領域的音樂人,你可以從前來欣賞他表演的樂迷年齡階層發現這點。」







 ※ 正式定稿與影像:「 新唐人電視台 ─ 娛樂新幹線 231 」




※ The original article was taken from Reuters Website.  ( 原文取自路透社網站 )



INTRO: Renaissance piano man Peter Cincotti releases his third album. Renaissance piano man's album.  25-year old singer song writer Peter Cincotti's sound is full of evocative lyrics and percussive piano playing.


The New York native's latest album, "East of Angel Town," is an energetic blend pop, rock, blues, funk and jazz.  Cincotti talks about working on his third album.


SOUNDBITE Singer and pianist Peter Cincotti saying, (English): "Its my first record on Warner and its my first record of all original materials. I feel like this record combines so many different elements of music. I think lyrically , it's different from anything I have done before."


Cincotti's next big gig is a U.S. tour alongside veteran musician Seal, kicking off in late March. SOUNDBITE Singer and pianist Peter Cincotti saying, (English):  "I met him a couple of times and then we got the offer to open for him a few weeks ago and to me its like I am so excited. I am a fan of Seal too. He has such a wide range of music. He's one of the few musicians who can cover a lot of musical ground. You can see it in the age range and the audiences that come to his shows."


The youngest solo artist to top the Billboard Jazz charts, Cincotti is now looking to dominate the pop world






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