(Paulie Z)與大衛(David Z),再加上兩人的老朋友喬伊卡薩特(Joey Cassata),所共同組成的硬搖滾樂團Z02,要將他們的現實生活搬到螢光幕上,讓大伙兒瞧一瞧。

Z Rock〞,一共拍攝十集,走喜劇路線,內容一半以搖滾樂團三人的實際生活為主,另一半則由編劇創作劇情。而在每一集中,都會有名人客串演出,包括珍的耽溺合唱團(Jane's Addiction)的戴夫納瓦羅(Dave Navarro)、窮街樂團(Skid Row)的主唱塞巴斯第安巴赫(Sebastian Bach),以及知名喜劇演員吉爾伯特戈特弗里德(Gilbert Gottfried)等等。

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Z Rock〞,則於824日在北美的獨立製片電視台(IFC)進行首播。


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新唐人電視台 ─ 娛樂新幹線
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Reuters Website.  ( 原文取自路透社網站 )


INTRO: New comedy series features rockers by night who play for kiddies by day.  A group of musicians who rock out at night and goof around for kiddies by day is the premise for a new comedy show. The series is based on the lives of the stars of the show.

Story: Hard rockers by night who play for rich kids by day - it's an unlikely scenario that gave three struggling musicians a chance at stardom in a new series based on their lives called "Z Rock". The show is a 10-episode semi-scripted, comedy series that follows a group of musicians who live by the credo of rock n' roll by night and balloons, birthday cake and party hats by day. The show is loosely based on the real lives of its three New York based stars, brothers Paulie Z and David Z, and lifelong friend Joey Cassata and their actual band, Z02.

"It's a very highly detailed script we get, but none of the lines are scripted out for us," said Cassata who along with his bandmates had never acted before. "Most of it is very ad-libbed and on the spot but we get our scene, we get our beats to hit and then we just kind of play it by ear as we go but the other actors on set are all amazing comedians and actors so we really feed off them so it's been really easy for us."
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The show features celebrity cameos in each episode including Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row and comedian Gilbert Gottfried.  The series was created for the musicians, who once opened for KISS, after they were discovered by the talent agent father of one of the children they played for at a birthday party. Despite their lack of on-camera experience , he decided to give them a chance.

"Because they created environments that were very similar to our real life, it became comfortable because it was like 'oh yeah, this has really happened to us'," said Paulie Z. The band continues to play and record music and is planning a tour for the fall. "Z Rock" premieres on IFC in North America on August 24.
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