吉他界傳奇人物傑夫貝克(Jeff Beck),在紐約以一場崇敬的演出,來悼念自己的良師益友雷斯保羅(Les Paul)

說起身為電吉他發明人之一的雷斯保羅,一直到零九年逝世之前,他每星期一都會在紐約當地一家名為〝銥元素(Iridium Jazz Club)〞的爵士俱樂部表演。因此,傑夫貝克就選在〝銥元素〞這裡,進行為期三晚、紀念雷斯保羅的特別演出。

兩度入選滾石名人堂(Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)的貝克表示,再也想不出更好的方式來向自己年輕時所景仰的人致意了。貝克說:「當我還是小孩的時候,我就很好奇,我只記得被音樂所吸引。這種振動迅速的彈奏方式與回聲,總讓我思考是如何形成的。走過了青少年時代,開始買雷斯保羅的唱片,同時很幸運的能見到他本人,就像是見到皇后、國王之類的大人物。」





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Guitar legend Jeff Beck honours former mentor Les Paul with an intimate tribute show in New York. Jeff Beck honoured his mentor and friend Les Paul, one of the inventors of the electric guitar, with a special 3-night performance at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York where Paul played every Monday night until his death. Thursday (June 9) would have been Paul's 95th birthday.

Beck, a two time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, said he could not think of a better way to pay tribute to the man he admired since he was a young boy. "As a child I started being inquisitive. I just remember being smitten by the sound. This vibrant fast playing and the echo I think is what did it. I went through teenage years and started to buy records by him and then had the great fortune to meet him as well, which was like meeting the Queen or the King or something."

As Beck recalled personal memories of Paul he joked that his mentor was naughty and impish, but a genius. He said performing some of Paul's songs was a tremendous challenge because he couldn't make them sound quite like Paul would have. In all, Beck played a total of 27 songs and changed guitars five times throughout the evening's performance in order to capture the right tone.

In addition to developing the solid-body electric guitar Paul also created recording innovations like overdubbing and multi-track recording. He sold millions of albums and became a fixture in the New York city music scene. He died in August 2009 of pneumonia.

Beck announced the dedication of a Les Paul Room at the Iridium to acknowledge his contributions to music history and to New York City.



 The original article was taken from Reuters Website.







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