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INTRO: They dance and crawl and help with your daily workout. Japan's human like new robots The latest robots on display in Japan is proving machines may replace their human counterparts. Some are even helping save lives.



SCRIPT: Meet Asimo - Honda's dancing robot may not be your ideal date but promises to keep you on your toes.  And forget wheels - your next vehicle could crawl with eight legs.  All part of a Robot Expo in Japan that's proving you don't need a heart to have a pulse.


SOUNDBITE: Akemi Hatakeyama, 74 year-old retiree and visitor to the Robo

Japan 2008 fair, saying (Japanese): "I think that these robots will be more and more common eventually and help people help themselves, whether they are children or adults, and help them work or live better in their society. But I am impressed already with how far they've come already."


If you need a little help with your workouts, put on more muscle with this mechanical suit. Inventors hope medical staff can use it to lift unconscious patients.  Some of the latest technology that does have a more human purpose, says robot engineer says Takehiro Ichizawa: SOUNDBITE: Takehiro Ichizawa, 23-year-old robot engineer, Chiba Industrial University, saying (Japanese): "We are hoping this robot will be used as a helper for the elderly carrying heavy things or as a personal mobility unit."


The Japanese have long been inspired by their mechanical counterparts – the country manufactures almost half of the world's total.  And if the country's on the right track, robots could become man's next best friend.


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