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曾經演出過《哈姆雷特(Hamlet)》與《李察三世(Richard III)》而備受尊崇的英國舞台劇男演員伊恩麥克連(Ian McKellen),接演了美國有線電視網 AMC 的主流電視影集《囚徒 (The Prisoner)》。說起麥克連的電影作品,相信大家一定非常熟悉,包括叫好又叫座的《X戰警(X-Men)》系列,以及出自英國作家托爾金(J.R.R. Tolkien)之手的同名電影《魔戒 (The Lord of the Rings)》,讓他擁有大批的年輕粉絲。此外,麥克連也將參與電影《魔戒前傳 - 哈比人歷險記(The Hobbit)》的演出。


在短短六集的《囚徒 (The Prisoner)》影集中,麥克連飾演編號二號的男子,他受困於某座村落中並且身份被人剝奪,而這整座村落都遭到高度的監視。共同主演的吉姆卡維澤(Jim Caviezel)表示,這部影集是喬治歐威爾所著小說《1984》的威力強化版。


目前居住在倫敦的麥克連表示,他覺的每天就像是在真實世界與《囚徒 (The Prisoner)》的劇中情境中擺盪,麥克連說:「戲中村莊遭到某種力量的控制,裡頭的人被要求如何過生活,這點跟現實生活有幾分相似。如果你把這個和現今社會相比,尤其當你是住在倫敦時,你會想知道這些監視器在這兒是怎麼監視著你。我從來沒有贊成過裝設監視器,也不清楚這是否有經過國會同意,但是我們都被說服說這是有利的措施。」


影集《囚徒》雖然是依照英國一九六零年代晚期的同名戲劇而改寫成的現代版影集,但對於麥克連來說,卻探討著相類似的主題,那就是社會期待與個人自由間相衝突的議題。麥克連說:「我們生存在一個複雜的年代,不斷的衝擊社會中的每個人,在沒有獲得充分討論的情況下,很多措施就直接加諸在人民身上,例如國土安全 (Homeland Security),這個名詞到底源起何處呢?在九一一之前我們根本沒有聽過。不過我認為這當中有很多問題在社會上被提出來探討。」


至於即將開拍的《魔戒前傳 - 哈比人歷險記(The Hobbit)》,據說會拆成兩集上映。而影集《囚徒》,則於1115日在AMC電視台進行首播。





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INTRO: Sir Ian McKellen ventures into television with "The Prisoner," a science fiction TV show based on the cult classic 1960s series of the same name.



STORY: Venerable English stage actor Ian McKellen has played all the great parts from Hamlet to Richard III, but in the twilight of his career, he is finding new roles in mainstream film and Television.  The actor stars in the remake of the late 1960s TV series "The Prisoner," which will air on U.S. cable TV network AMC.


Once known for his theater work, McKellen has enjoyed recent box office success in movies like the "X-Men" series, and he found a younger fan base playing the wizard Gandalf in film adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" and the upcoming "The Hobbit."


In the six-part miniseries "The Prisoner," McKellen portrays "No. 2," the main adversary of a man trapped in a village and stripped of his identity.  The result is a community that is highly surveilled, or as McKellen's co-star, Jim Caviezel puts it, "It's George Orwell's '1984' on steroids."


As a resident of London, McKellen says that he sees everyday parallels between reality and the world portrayed in "The Prisoner." There seems in this society, the village, to be a controlling force that is telling people the way they should live, and if you want to relate that to the greater world, you might, particularly if you lived in London, wonder what all those cameras were doing around the place," says McKellen.  "I certainly never voted for it, and I don't know that it even went through parliament, it just sort of happened, and we're told that's good for us."


While revamping the original cult British series into a modern day story, "The Prisoner" explores familiar themes to McKellen of confronting society's expectations and exploring personal freedoms. "We live in complicated times, and constant challenges to our individuality, and they don't get much discussed, these things, they slide in upon us, you know, Homeland Security - where did that come from?  We never heard about the homeland before September the 11th," says McKellen. "But these are the questions that I think are often thrown up in this story."


Coming up he is scheduled to start shooting the film adaptation of "The Hobbit," which will be released as a two-part series. "The Prisoner" debuts on the AMC network on Sunday (November 15).





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