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INTRO: At Milan spring/summer 2007 fashion week Gucci looks back to the 60s.


STORY: Gucci delved intothe vintage trunk and came out with 1960s silver and white A-line shifts and black, purple and orange mini-dresses cinched with broad belts for its womenswear show on Wednesday (September 27).

Designer Frida Giannini has not been afraid to break with the black-and-sleak legacy left by former Gucci man Tom Ford, hopping from floral patterns at her debut to 1970s disco glam to Wednesday's (September 27) mod look. 

sleeves and multi-tiered dresses echoed some of the plays on volume seen also at Armani and Burberry, while jackets with little capes emphasised the shoulders and tapered down to a girded waistline. 

Gucci's owner, French retail giant PPR, was sure to like the many accessories on view -- buckled boots, patent leather shoes with red heels and patchwork bags looked made to feed a booming leather goods market.

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     博雯、昌祐、智源、榮森、中正、銘鴻 ...等等

   ※ 如果我寫漏的,請再提醒我補上喔!謝謝 Orz

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INTRO: Fossil of 3.3 million-year-old fossil girl unveiled in Ethiopa. 

STORY: Ethiopian scientists unveiled on Wednesday (September 20) a 3.3 million-year-old fossil of a girl, which they believe is the most complete skeleton ever found.

The fossil including an entire skull, torso, shoulder blade and various limbs was discovered at Dikaka, some 400 kilometers northeast of the capital Addis Ababa near the Awash river in the Rift Valley.

The fossil has been named "Selam," which means peace in
Ethiopia's official Amharic language."Selam was older than the 3.2 million year old remains of "Lucy" discovered in 1974, and described by scientists as one of the world's greatest archaeological finds. 

"Selam" lived 3.3 million years ago, 150,000 years before Lucy.

Chris Sloan, a Senior Editor at National Geographic who took part in the expedition told Reuters "It's just so rare that you find a fossil that's so well preserved"...adding "Things like this are very very rare in the fossil record."

Zeresenay Alemseged of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in
Leipzig, Germany led the team that discovered the fossil. 

Carefully carving away sandstone with a dentist's drill, Zeresenay navigated between tiny vertebrae and ribs so that anatomical details could be seen. The task has taken five years so far.

Over the last 50 years,
Ethiopia has been a hotbed for archaeological discoveries. 

About 40 individuals, including seven researchers, have worked to uncover the remains of the baby and interpret the many aspects of the find, including geology and environment.

On the shores of what was formerly a lake in 1967, two Homo sapiens skulls dating back 195,000 years were unearthed. The find pushed back the known date of mankind, suggesting that modern man and his older precursor existed side by side.

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INTRO: Nicholas Cage talks about his role in World Trade Centre movie. 

Thailand to film his latest movie, American actor Nicholas Cageon Tuesday (September 12) met with Thai press in Bangkok to talk about his recently released movie, World Trade Center. 

The 42 year old actor who won an Oscar for his performance as a suicidal alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas, takes on the lead role of real-life
World Trade Center survivor, Port Authority Police Department sergeant John McLoughlin. 

McLoughlin is only one of 20 people pulled alive from the rubble of the
Twin Towers after it fell on September 11 five years ago. Directed by acclaimed director Oliver Stone, World Trade Center is one in a slew of recent film releases coinciding with the 5th anniversary of the disaster. 

The film tells the story of McLoughlin and Port Authority Police Department office Will Jimeno, who were among the first responders to the
Twin Towers collapse. 

They were in a team of five men who went into the buildings and were trapped when the towers collapsed. McLoughlin and Jimeno survived but were trapped for the next 12 hours, pinned beneath concrete and twisted metal 20 feet below rubble.

To prepare for his role, Cage was said to have spent time in darkness floating in a sense deprivation tank to get a feel of what his character might have gone through.

Produced by Paramount Pictures and distributed in
Thailand by United International Pictures, the movie opened in theatres in the U.S. on August 9 and will premiere in Thailand
next Thursday (September 21).

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INTRO: In a controversial ruling, a German court is allowing a Dutch Internet
pharmacy to operate a branch in Germany.

The ruling came on Wednesday (August 9) after a pharmacist in the
southwestern city of Saarbruecken filed a complaint against a local branch of
the Dutch Doc Morris Internet pharmacy. The pharmacist had argued that German
law only allowed pharmacists and not corporations to open pharmacies, but Doc
Morris said the German chemists were only worried about their own monopoly on
"We expected the court's decision, and are allowed to continue
trading, it shows that German law has to adhere to EU law and this means the
consumer benefits," said Pascal Strauss, the manager of the Doc Morris
pharmacy in Saarbruecken..
And consumers certainly seemed to appreciate the lower prices, the
store was packed with customers after the decision came out.

But critics say that the decision will hurt the country's high standard
for pharmacies, a view backed by the German Pharmasists Association.

The Minister for Health, Social and Justice in Saarland, who allowed
the decision denies this.
"The quality of the service being provided to the consumer is not
effected at all by the legal status of the company providing the
chemist," he said.
At the moment the decision on the quality of the products is being
decided by the consumer though, and they are deciding out of their

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HEADLINE: Kiriat Shmone Recuperating After The War

ANCHOR: Kiriat Shmone situated to the North of Haifa, has received 1000 katiusha rockets during the 45 days of war forced by the Hezbollah on Israel. No losses in life have been encountered
but the losses in property are very severe. Most public institutions and local attractions have been damaged and the question is… if the local government can overcome all and start the school at the beginning of September, as planned. Here is our NTDTV Correspondent Isabella Xiong with more.

STORY: The panoramic city of Kiriat Shmone has seen better days. Only a few days ago, before the cease-fire agreement, the city has marked its one-thousandth katiusha rocket.

[Haim Barbibay, Mayor of Kiriat Shmone]: “Since 1968, Kiriat Shmone has been under perpetual threats of being attacked by the katiusha rockets. Since then we live in the shadow of the katiusha.
But this one and a half month was the hardest in the life of Kiriat Shmone. Thank God no one was killed. Two people got injured and another 45 people suffer from shock and anxiety.”

The local government is striving day and night to restore everything the way it was before the war. Construction workers can be seen everywhere. The schools are their main target since the school semester is starting next week. But the big question that everybody is asking is: WILL EVERYTHING BE DONE ON TIME?

[Ofer Zafrani, Vice Deputy Director, Danciger School]: “Our school was hit three times by three katiusha rochets. Almost all school was ruined, you can see that all the class room without anything left, all the glasses, all the doors, all the walls, all the floor, everything is ruined.”

Abraham, School Janitor has found this katiusha rocket in one of the classes on Saturday eve.

[Abraham, School Janitor]: “The rocket has destroyed a few floors. The katiusha touched the wall, that beam, then the other beam, and then the window frame and enter inside the classroom. 8 classrooms were ravaged, 4 on this side and 4 on the other side.”

Some residents have fled the city during the war and came back after the cease-fire. The psychological difficulty that the people are in, is very big. The children are the ones that suffered the most.

[Ofer Zafrani, Vice Deputy Director, Danciger School]: ”Our children that were in the shelters during the last week are feeling after trauma, they are afraid, every noise, are making them shaking and they feel very bad.”

The local government and the management of the schools are doing everything in their power to restore the confidence in the parents and children. The first thing is to detect the children that are suffering from anxiety and try to give the appropriate help and support.

[Haim Barbibay, Mayor of Kiriat Shmone]: “There is no reason for this destruction, no reason for this war, no reason for this suffering that the people encounter. In spite of the destruction of houses and the huge quantity of katiusha, no one was killed and we are happy it is like this. Because buildings can be fixed, but people can not be brought back.”

2000 private homes and 3 schools have been severely damaged but all this can be fixed because is just a matter of money, but all the people who have been injured, their wounds won’t heal for a long time. Reporting from Kiriat Shmone, Isabella Xiong, NTDTV Israel.

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